Welcome to Anchor Organics Online Store!

Welcome to Anchor Organics!

We are a small company that started making soap and beauty products for family and friends.  Well, needless to say, the products were received with great reviews. We decided to throw caution to the wind and expand to selling our products in a few local stores and craft fairs. This has taken a lot of late nights, messy kitchens and aching muscles (hence our Cat 0'Nines roller ball!)  It has been an interesting and very humorous journey with the trial and error of many recipes.  Some awful messes (like the time with the active charcoal!) and some amazing results. We use every one of our products ourselves and would not put something out there that we are not completely happy with.  We are always working on new concoctions and will be expanding the hair care product line next season to include a natural conditioner rinse to follow after using the shampoo bar, so stay tuned!

We have named all the soaps and products based on a theme of pirates living adventurous and intrepid lives at sea. We feel that just because we are a soap and cosmetics company, our branding doesn't have to follow the norm of flowers and butterflies, but can be badass and rad. There have been some hilarious name suggestions which have turned into some really awesome, unforgettable names like the Scallywag Perfume Roller, which seems rather scandalous and always produces a giggle or two.  We are playing with the idea of enhancing your "inner booty" through our natural products and find great humour in doing so.  We believe that without laughter life would be a rather dull experience. So go ahead, get dirty and laugh while you're doing it.  Skinny dip when you can, have a glass of rum late at night, meet new friends and visit new places.  Take those chances and you will never forget or regret them.  Here is the start of our adventure with Anchor Organics and we look forward to all the waves, up and down.  Don't be afraid to rock the boat and just keep swimming…...