"I got a free sample of some face care stuff in the mail I decided to try. It’s super expensive to buy and figured I would give it a shot. After about 5 days my skin was the absolute worst it’s been since I was, I don’t know, 14, probably? So I gave up and threw it all away. Started using the rose bar soap I bought and the First Mate moisturizer. Face was cleared up IN TWO DAYS!!!"

- Amara.B


"I react to almost every face cream so am particular with what I use. The Landlubber is amazing and doesn’t cause any rash on my face and moisturizes all day, I absolutely love it! Smells great too."

-Stacy L.


"Great products made locally the right way! Buying local is easy when it's world class stuff."

-Neil G.


"Works awesome on eczema, no extra junk to irritate sensitive skin and it smells awesome. I love how bubbly the soaps are!"

-Stephanie S.


"I recently bought some little mini soaps for my son to try with him having sensitive skin, the soap had no effect on him and he loves the fact he can use them himself and they smell so good. The bath bombs are another big hit in our family leaving skin so smooth! Will definitely be getting more in near future !!"

-Brittany B.


"I purchased your shampoo bar for the first time at one of the spring farmers market in Cranbrook. I have been using it for a few weeks now and wanted to let you know that it is fantastic. It is smooth, lathers well and makes my hair silky and easy to manage. I have used a Competitors shampoo bar in the past and find yours to be far superior. Your price is also great.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer".

-Nanette P.


"I've been using Anchor Organics soap for since the company began. Naked and the Swashbuckle are by far my favourites. I also use the lotion bar, which is great for my dry hands in the winter. This winter I started using the Shower Spray every day and my skin is super happy. I don't have dry, itchy skin anymore; it's just smooth and moisturized and smells lovely. I also use the sugar scrub once a week and while it exfoliates, it actually really moisturizes with all the natural oils in it. Handmade with only natural and organic products; it's a no-brainer to support this company"! 

-Jessica D.


"I purchased Anchor Organic lotion bar after I tried all sorts of different natural creams and oils on my infants cheeks to help with his eczema. This bar is no joke! His cheeks look amazingly clear and bother him way less. It took about three days of application and ta-daa. Best product ever".

-Cat M.


"I just tried the Citrus Shampoo Bar and its AWESOME! Smells amazing and Lathers up real well! Stellar product!

-Ed J.


"I LOVE the First Mate face cream! Affordable, lasts forever and BETTER than high end department store face moisturizers. I can't live without it"!

-Terri G.